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Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Services for Hedge Fund, Private Equity, and Professional Trading Clientele   

Florida Tax Benefits for Hedge Funds and Private Equity


With its favorable tax environment and business friendly attitude, Florida has become the destination of choice for the hedge fund and private equity community. Organizations like the CFA Society, CAIA, etc., have large local chapters with great pools of talent and with South Florida being a preferred lifestyle destination most of that talent comes at a discount to traditional high tax locations. Interestingly, Miami is the second largest financial center in the United States and can be a great location for raising domestic and international capital.  

Florida Business Tax Benefits:

  • No corporate income tax on S corporations.

  • No corporate income tax on limited partnerships.

  • No corporate income taxes on flow-through limited liability corporations.

  • No corporate franchise tax on capital stock.

  • No property tax on business inventories.

  • No state-level property tax.

  • No intangible personal property tax.


Florida Residents Tax Benefits:

  • No personal income tax.

  • No estate tax.

  • No generation-skipping transfer tax.

  • No income tax on trusts.

  • No intangible personal property tax.

  • No withholding tax on non-resident shareholder income.

Neighborhood Analysis


Office Space

South Florida has a large and eclectic supply of office space for funds of all shapes and sizes. There are family offices that operate in small, class B space that you can walk to the beach from, there are large CTA'S that operate in discrete private buildings with over the top security, and of course there's a plethora of great class A space in great neighborhoods that can be super affordable.(In $30-$50 per square foot range.)  Whatever your ideal space is, the K-FIN group can help you find it. We know what funds are in what buildings and which types of space and price points have worked in the past. 

Area Maps

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